Alfonso Maffini was born in 1960 in the province of Piacenza (Italy) and is now living in Monzambano (Mn).
Since childhood his direction was in the world of art, parallel paths of writing and painting.

Exploring different techniques and materials Maffini gained a personal and unique pictorial touch, where light plays with colors, gold and laminated metals to continuously offer new atmospheres among magic and real.

With curiosity, tenacity and determination he has taken every opportunity to experiment new artistic ways often in cooperation with musicians, actors and photographers.

The author has been participating for years in scholastic teaching projects.

In 1999 he has published “Tra Velluti & Carte Vetrate” (Between Velvets & Sandpapers) a sort of memorial in balance between prose and poetry followed by a collection of verse “Senza Cornice” (Without frame) in 2002 and “Vento a Levante” (Eastern Wind) in 2003.

In 2005 he has published his first novel “Scacco al Re” (Check to the King).

In 2008 he has published his second novel “Fiato alle trombe